Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Titles and Abbreviations

A a-stamp

‘a-stamp’ (indicates a passing hip score with regards to testing for hip dysplasia/joint laxity) and is certified for breeding. The lower the total score indicates the better hip conformation. 

a-Normal = HD normal, the best hip or elbow rating possible from the German SV (1)

a-Fast Normal = HD fast normal, nearly normal- rating given to hips and/or elbows (2)

a-Noch zugelassen = HD noch zugelassen, still acceptable for breeding- rating given to hips and/or elbows (3)


Ausreichend — sufficient — show or performance rating


Advanced Breed Suitability Test


Ausdauerprüfung – endurance trial 12 miles in 2 hours.


American Kennel Club – American breed club organization. The AKC is not involved in the sport of Schutzhund. The AKC has a working relationship with the FCI, but not with WUSV. The AKC is a club of clubs, and is primarily a registry for purebred dogs.


Begleithunde – the preliminary and prerequisite test for a dog going on to get his/her Schutzhund titles. A combination temperament and obedience test. B and BH are used interchangeably.



BundesLeistungsHüten – National Herding Trial


BundesSiegerPrüfung – trial at the national level


Breed Suitability Test


BundesSiegerZuchtSchau – show at the national level


Fährtenhund – tracking dog title

FH 1,

FH 2


(Gut) / Good – Earned 240-269 points

IPO also IP 1, 2, 3

International Prüfungsordnung (International working tests) Class I, II, III, similar to schutzhund. International Schutzhund titles, functionally equivalent to SchH I, II, III.


Körklasse 1 (especially recommended for breeding by the SV) Körklasse 2 (suitable for breeding by the SV)



Kör- und Leistungszucht – Qualification and Performance Breeding. Both parents have breed surveys and all four grandparents have working titles.


Körzucht – Qualification Breeding – Both parents have breed surveys.


Regional Show Or Working Trial


Schutzhund, and the 3 levels of titles awarded. Each level is a progression and built on the skills learned in the previous level. Used as an abbreviation, “SchH” can refer to the dog or the sport. Titles are sometimes written as SchH 1, SchH 2, SchH 3.

SchH 1,

SchH 2, SchH 3


A limited SchH title, similar to SchH I but without the tracking portion.


(Sehr gut) / Very Good – Earned 270-285 points

SG1, SG2, etc.

See V1.


Sieger (male) or Siegerin (female) -the best male or female at the national conformation specialty show


Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (German Shepherd Dog Club) The original GSD breed club and breed registry, based in Germany. The SV is not only the largest breed-specific registry in the world, it’s also extremely active. In addition to being a breed registry, the SV also promotes working-dog activities, i.e. by awarding working titles (SchH). They also sanction conformation show and koerungs (breed surveys). The SV is a member of the VDH. (Schutzhund,IPO etc.)


(Vorzuglich) Excellent Show- Earned 286-300 points

V1 V2, V3, etc.

Ranking at the BSP, V being excellent and top rating, the top placed dog is V1, second is V2, etc. until reaching the dogs rated SG, then they are SG1, SG2, etc.


Vorzüglich-Auslese (Excellent Select show rating given only at Sieger show) (VA-1) See V1.


Welt Union der Schäferhundvereine or World Union of GSD clubs. International breed umbrella for GSD breed clubs. Author and owner of the GSD international breed standard for the FCI (see FCI) Currently represents more than 60 countries, established to bring all GSD clubs worldwide closer together, and in sync with the SV in Germany. (see SV) The WUSV is allied to the FCI through direct communications, as well as through membership in the FCI club, the German VDH. (see VDH) Clubs like the GSSCC and the USA have a dotted-line connection to the FCI and a direct connection to the WUSV, and that strongly encourages them to abide by both FCI and SV regulations.


(Czech Republic) ZVV1, 2 3 comparable to SchH/VPG 1, 2 3

Schönheit German Shepherds