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If you need a top quality german shepherd,
Schönheit German Shepherds
is the best choice.

Call Schönheit German Shepherds (602) 699-5775



  • My wife and I are so blessed to find Schonheit German Shepard when our Shepard passway in April 2020. Our hearts were broken until we add a new member OLIVIA. through Schonheit. Not a day goes by when I take out Olivia in public, I have many people commenting how beautiful and well-behaved Olivia is. I have people asking to pet her and when they do, Olivia greets them by giving kisses and seeing the people's faces and their reaction to a warm welcome they get from Olivia is amazing. Where Olivia goes out in Public Place, she made a lot of friends, and people see her as a loving friend that makes their day. Please if you want to add new a member to your family to have a loving German Shepard. Schonheith German Shepard will give the pet that you will be blessed with that fills your life of Joy every day, just like us.

    Judy S.
  • From day one these two have been inseparable. The puppy is loving and looks after my kiddo everywhere we go. He is super smart and stays right with us on walks. Leash trained in only a couple trips out. Smartest dog I have ever had and I have people comment on his temperament often.

    Mindy L.
  • I received my sweet dog from them! They are so professional and make sure their pups go to loving homes. I couldn’t recommend them more!!! If you’re looking for a companion this is the place to go. I will get my next dog from them and I won’t go anywhere else!

    Sarah V.


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Schönheit German Shepherds