V6 Ovaro von der Emsaue and Franzi von Wettinhain Litter – December 28, 2018

 In Past Litters

Wow, what gorgeous pups! The sire is V6 Ovaro von der Emsaue (BH, AD, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, KKL, HD – normal, ED – fast normal) and Franzi von Wettinhain (BH, IPO1, and IPO2, ED/ HD – normal). These dogs both come from incredible pedigrees.

Ovaro placed in two German competitions V6 and V7 and has 2 Sieger and WUSV champions in his bloodline. Franzi’s pedigree is unchallenged. Two of her ancestors hold double WUSV Universal Sieger championship titles.

All pups have been sold.