Male Puppy – Thane von Schönheit

Born: Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sire: VA Figo di Casa Caputi IPO3 and Dam: V Titania vom Mittelwest IPO1

This litter is truly world class! Dam’s father, Leo von der Zenteiche, is a VA1 Sieger title holder. He also achieved working titles up to IPO3. Her mother earned V1 placement, as well as working titles up to IPO3. The sire is VA Figo di Casa Caputi IPO3. He also has an impeccable pedigree of working titled dogs. These pups will be well suited for exceptional work in protection, show, search and rescue, service, etc.



Thane is a very sweet, gorgeous Black and Red shepherd. He did extremely well at his second temperament testing. He is exhibiting an even temperament, loves to just hang out with people, and he is also interested in exploring his surroundings. This large, laid-back boy would be great for any type of service work, especially for mobility, or as a companion.

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